Busting a few website myths

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So you want a website for yourself or your business? That’s great, you’ve certainly come to the right place. I can help you create a stonking website. But before I do, there’s a few things you really need to consider so that we can ensure your website does what you need it to. Who is your website for? One of the biggest mistakes I see when people build their own website is to forget who the site is for. They fill the site with lots of information about themselves and how wonderful they are. They forget that it should really be a tool for...

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Admin Actionary site launches

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The latest site to benefit from the Magic at Websites 10 step approach has recently launched.

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It’s new! It’s improved! It washes whiter!

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Welcome to the new and improved Magic at Websites web site. Here we work with you to help you create a website that reflects you, your brand, your business. And we also work hard to make it easy for you to maintain (if that’s what you want) so you’re not tied in to long term maintenance contracts. Get in touch if this approach interests you That’s all.

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