The 10 step approach

Here at Magic at Websites, we adopt a ten step approach to creating your site with you. Your new website must reflect you, your brand, your business, and this unique methodology helps make sure that happens.

MePrintIt all starts with you, the customer, having a good think about what you want from the site with help from our list of questions. It’s important that our first meeting is productive and having a think first really helps.

We then launch head first into the process which leads eventually to a spangly new website for you.

How long this takes is difficult to say. Coding the site is a solitary task that can take place at any time of the day or night, so if it’s urgent we’ll work through the night. The time consuming bit is usually writing the content*, getting photographs and videos etc. And there’s usually a couple of changes in the process when at least one ‘good’ idea doesn’t really work and has to be taken outside and released back into the wild.

But during the process we set tasks with due dates for both code monkey and client so there is control over the process.

And no, I’m not going to divulge the details of the 10 step approach here on the inter web. No chance!

If the thought of writing copy makes you run screaming to the pub, then I know someone who can help. Check out Jane Rogers PR.